Before you arrive:

Be as natural and relaxed as possible when telling your child about the dental appointment. Let the child know that he/ she will meet some new people who want to help him/her to stay healthy. Focus on the positive. Mention that this office is for children only. Try not to use phrases such as “It’s not going to hurt” or “He’s not going to give you a needle”. Try to avoid words such as “pain”, “hurt”, “needle”, “pull”. We are careful to use words and phrases which are not as negative. Denying that these things will happen, especially for children who have had previous dental experience, usually increases anxiety and fear. If you are unsure how to answer your child’s questions tell him/her that you don’t know. Instead, tell your child that they should ask these questions when you arrive in the office. If your child has a favorite toy or book, bring it along. A full stomach increases the possibility of discomfort and nausea, especially if your child is anxious. Please keep eating to a minimum just before the appointment.

After your arrival:

Please don’t be upset if your child cries. Especially for younger children, this is a normal response to the unknown, something new or different. When you enter the examination or treatment area, it may take a few minutes for an anxious child to settle. We anticipate how a child will respond to new situations. Our experience and education have prepared us to do this well. Please be prepared to let us talk to your child while you observe quietly. Too many people talking at the same time and saying different things will only confuse the child and increase anxiety. We are committed to ensuring that you are well informed before we do anything.