Because we are one of the very few pediatric specialty practices within a very large radius, our practice has always had a demand significantly higher than we could meet. For this reason, we ask that each parent make appointments carefully and honour those that are made. There are many other people who would like to have their children cared for by Dr. Farquhar and we want to serve as many people as possible. When we make an appointment, we consider it firm, not tentative; so we ask the same of you in return. While we frequently call the day before to remind each parent, it is not always possible so we ask that you not rely on this reminder alone. Once an appointment is made, please record it in a handy place and make provisions to arrive on time so we can treat your child in the way we have planned. While we understand the rare need to reschedule an appointment, we do ask for two week days’ notice. Sadly, if appointments are regularly cancelled or missed, we will make future times available to others. While we regret this, it is necessary to ensure that those who want our care will have access to it.

Since it is not possible to see all children after school or on teacher professional development days, please do not hesitate to plan appointments during school hours. Teachers are most cooperative and understanding in this regard.