booking patientMany parents of patients whom you have referred have commented on the long wait for an initial consultation appointment with us. We know that this occasionally creates hardship. The long waits for consultations are a reflection of the demand for our services. Our office administrative staff always do their best to ensure that children who need to be seen immediately are.

Children who have suffered a traumatic dental injury or have acute dental pain, abscess or facial cellulitis have been and will continue to be seen on the same day you call our office. For other patients, you and your staff can facilitate your referrals by providing as much information as possible about the child’s dental condition, a description of any medical conditions and medications as well as the impact of the child’s dental condition on daily activities such as sleeping and eating.

The more information you provide the better we are able to triage care for your patient. We know long waits are unacceptable. With your help, you can count on us to do our best for your patients.