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Toothpaste, what works?

In several recent articles we have discussed both toothbrushes and toothbrushing, but havenʼt said much about the stuff you put on the brush! Our previous articles on the topic can be found on our website: While shopping around in the pharmacy, grocery store, or natural food store, you have likely noticed that toothpaste comes [...]

Food & tooth decay: A child’s diet can create a perfect storm for tooth decay

Why do children suffer tooth decay? In a word - FOOD! When parents are asked what they think is the reason their children have decay, most respond "poor brushing" or "not flossing". While everyone knows these are important in maintaining good oral health, few know that it is the child’s diet which can create [...]

First dental visit at 1 year old

Every time you take your child to see a physician for well child visits, there is always a series of age appropriate questions that helps the physician assess how things are moving along from a health perspective as well as developmental milestones etc. The same goes for dental visits. When parents bring their children to [...]

Are My Child’s Teeth Soft?

This a very common question. Many parents of children with cavities are concerned that their child’s teeth are soft, thus increasing their cavity risk. Many parents falsely blame their children’s poor dental health on “soft” teeth” Before we can answer this question we need to discuss the different tissues from which teeth are made. Teeth [...]

Parents and Their Children in the Dental Office

Parents are important partners in working with health care providers to maintain their child's health. As with all other relationships, communication is the most important part of any interaction, including health care relationships. This is certainly true during a dental appointment. What role do we, as pediatric dentists, expect parents to play during their child's [...]

Laughing Gas in the Dental Office

The second article in our sedation series will focus on the use of nitrous oxide and oxygen (N20/02), or “laughing gas” as a sedation agent. Many children when faced with dental treatment will cope well and be successful. Other children may experience anxiety to varying degrees which will necessitate, in addition to appropriate behaviour guidance [...]

Considerations for Sedation in Dentistry for Children

In our previous column we discussed the use of nitrous oxide and oxygen sedation to help children receiving dental treatment have a more pleasant experience. In today todayʼs column we will discuss other forms of sedation which can be extremely beneficial to anxious or uncooperative children in need of dental care. Medications can taken by [...]