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Autism & Dentistry

Dentistry & Autism Autism spectrum is a relatively common disorder of neurological development that is characterized by several criteria: impaired communication, impaired social interaction, and restrictive, repetitive behaviour. The manifestations of autism spectrum range from severe impairment to high functioning individuals who are able to communicate quite well, but may have a distinctly odd social [...]

Parents and Their Children in the Dental Office

Parents are important partners in working with health care providers to maintain their child's health. As with all other relationships, communication is the most important part of any interaction, including health care relationships. This is certainly true during a dental appointment. What role do we, as pediatric dentists, expect parents to play during their child's [...]

Sedation in Dentistry, a Series

Not many people enjoy receiving dental treatment. Children who have experienced a difficult or painful dental appointment will be anxious or even uncooperative when they next visit the dental office. As pediatric dentists, we see many children who have had unpleasant dental experiences yet still require dental treatment to be completed. Adults often fail to [...]

Laughing Gas in the Dental Office

The second article in our sedation series will focus on the use of nitrous oxide and oxygen (N20/02), or “laughing gas” as a sedation agent. Many children when faced with dental treatment will cope well and be successful. Other children may experience anxiety to varying degrees which will necessitate, in addition to appropriate behaviour guidance [...]

Considerations for Sedation in Dentistry for Children

In our previous column we discussed the use of nitrous oxide and oxygen sedation to help children receiving dental treatment have a more pleasant experience. In today todayʼs column we will discuss other forms of sedation which can be extremely beneficial to anxious or uncooperative children in need of dental care. Medications can taken by [...]